Nice to meet you, we’re Marshals

Transparent and passionate, thé auction platform for four-wheelers and show stealers created to revitalize the road of car selling and buying.

Our Story

Marshals, the all-new online auction platform, aimed at assisting individuals in selling their car privately. Are you hoping to receive the highest return on your car, or are you not satisfied with your current trade-in price? Then you have come to the right place.


We will strive to ensure that you receive the highest possible trade-in value for your vehicle by selling it to a large range of international buyers. The selling is done through an online auction lasting 10 days. For you as a seller, this process is free of charge.


Our passion and focus lie in offering an array of rare and unique vehicles to our international clientele. Even though we do not exclude any make or model, we are always on the lookout for vehicles with a unique history, classic sportscars or authentic collector’s items.


Our auctions will take place online. A steadily increasing number of vehicles are no-longer sold in-person, which is why Marshals offers the perfect and most complete opportunity to directly auction vehicles online while offering you peace-of-mind throughout the simple and easy process.


Marshals is the sister-company of Triple&Crown. Throughout the years, Triple&Crown has managed to build up a large international clientele in addition to years of invaluable experience on which Marshals will be able to further expand and build upon.

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