Arrivederci, this Porsche 356 is off to Italy!

21 Jan - 2021

Thursday, January 14. A memorable day for Marshals, as we achieved our first international deal. A fine car was sent off to Italy.

Buyer’s story
This Porsche 356 had been up for auction for 14 days and throughout that period of time, we had quite some contact with the buying party.

The great number of pictures of the gem had made it clear for the Italian car enthusiast that he needed that exact car. All of his questions were answered instantly which allowed us to act quickly. The result: this Italian gentleman is now the proud new owner of this beautiful Porsche 356!

Seller’s story
The former owner of the Porsche 356 came to us as a buyer looking for a new Porsche, but the gentleman wanted to sell his own 356 first. We explained our method and discussed the auctioning process in our showroom which made him very enthusiastic and ready to start his adventure: putting his Porsche 356 up for auction on Marshals Car Auctions to find the perfect new owner! And we did!


This is how Marshals rolls!
Although our platform has not been around for a long time, we have already achieved great success by being able to export this car to Italy. As true Marshals we unburdened both parties by taking care of the entire export process.

January 14 is a milestone in our book and one to remember.

Are you ready for the ride too?
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Ready? Set? Auction!


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