Can I view and inspect the car in advance?

Absolutely. Depending on your wishes and the willingness of the seller.


There are several options, namely: You can go and have a look with an expert to make sure that the car really meets your expectations. Hire an independent car dealer to have the car fully checked. Or, have the car checked by a dealer or brand specialist through a purchase inspection. We do the pre-selection mainly to determine whether in our opinion there is a good car. We do this partly on the basis of public sources such as RDW, Finnik, Carfax etc. It is up to you as a bidder to determine to what extent you want to (technically) inspect the auctioned car, so that you can be sure that is what you expect. Marshals Car Auctions makes every effort to carefully handle the information obtained about the car, but is in no way responsible for errors, incorrect or missed information in the item description.