How to sell

Selling a car is as easy as 1-2-3.
See for yourself!

Step 1 Register for free!

In order to list your car, you’ll need an account. Creating one is totally free! So.. why are you still reading this?

Step 2
A guide to clarify

Carefully read through our detailed sellers guide to be fully informed on our method. It provides guidelines on how to take pictures and will clarify most questions you might have.

Read here
Step 3 Submit that bad boy

Pressing the ‘start selling’ button will take you to a minimal form. Submit the form and we’ll contact you to discuss the details, the reserve price and the date and time on which the auction goes live!

Start selling
Step 4 Going once, going twice…

When the auction goes live, you’ll be able to live answer questions about the car and watch passionate bidders compete to be the winner!

Step 5
We have a winner!

At Marshals Car Auctions, sellers receive 100% of the selling price. No strings attached.

Step 6
Model Agreement

Fill out the model agreement with your personal data and email it to

Questions? Find the answers here! Frequently asked questions

Buying a car has never been so easy and so much fun at the same time!

Bo Bakker Co-founder at Marshals Car Auctions
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