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Audi RS3 Hatchback


Story :


When Audi came out with the RS3 Sportback in early 2011, they must have thought something similar. They were right, because it would take until April 2013 before Mercedes-Benz got the excellent idea to unleash AMG on the new A-class. Its four-cylinder turbo produced 360 hp, 20 more than the RS3. Not very bad in itself; the RS3 had already been taken out of production a few months earlier because the entire A3 series was being replaced, but they must have been equally sick of it at Audi.

Strange, by the way, to keep your top model in production for a year and a half. Audi thought that afterwards too. Especially when they had to realize with sadness that they had sold twice as many RS3s as they expected and could have done a lot more if only there had been more time. So they do it differently from now on. No more waiting for the best for the last,

What Audi also approaches slightly differently from the others: where the competition for a top model usually pumps an engine from the same model series to the desired horror performance, Audi installs an engine in the RS3 that you will not find in any other A3: the blissful five-cylinder turbo, in its configuration good for no less than 367 hp and 465 Nm of pulling power that is already available at 1,625 rpm. Audi has a name to hold up in the five-cylinder field: the Sport Quattro from 1984 also had a five-cylinder.



Maintenance :


15-06-2016        KM 8.015

29-09-2016       KM 16.231

03-01-2017        KM 22.856

24-05-2017        KM 30.204

17-07-2017         KM 34.051

09-03-2018       KM 74.697

22-11-2018         KM 87.174

15-01-2020        KM 106.011

07-04-2021        KM 153.358



Include with sale :


The car was serviced 2000 kilometers ago. The car also got new wheels, rims original RS3, because the previous rims had a lot of rim damage on the wheels. For this reason, 4 new rims have been added. The car comes with 2 keys and a service history.


Chassis number :




Licence plate : SN-298-J


About seller :


The current owner has owned the car for 3 years now, he imported the car from Germany 3 years ago at Audi Germany. The first kilometers were driven there, after which it was imported to the Netherlands in 2018.
The current owner has always enjoyed driving it. The car has had neat maintenance at the Audi dealer up to and including 2018 and had the last servicing at a VAG Specialist. The tires of the car are also still in good condition.


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