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Audi S4 Sedan

With the B6 generation of the S4, Audi pushed it further. In terms of price, performance and power, the car seemed like an outright attack on the BMW M3 (E46). In terms of stroke volume, the S4 improved by 1.5 liters. Partly because of this, the S4 had say and write one horsepower more than its killed competitor. Also new for this generation was an Audi S4 Cabriolet and the option to opt for a six-speed automatic transmission. With the automatic transmission, the Audi S4 was slightly slower and heavier than the version with manual transmission. This concerns the manual version and is therefore very special to drive. You will no longer find a manual V8 in current production models, but it is included with this one. This makes it very nice to drive and in this beautiful condition, this is a car that can last for years.




This car has really been rebuilt from top to bottom, the car has been completely restored and is therefore in truly new condition. The car has been completely repainted in the color Misano Red. The current owner has owned it since 2018 and this has been a hobby car that mister worked on weekly. For example, the seats and the entire interior have been re-treated. And the maintenance history is also present with this car from the moment the car is in the Netherlands. No euros have been saved on this car, the car comes from France from orgine, the car has lived there most of its life, the current owner came across the car and was specifically looking for a Misano red S4 Sedan Manual gearbox and found it he in France. When the car was on Dutch soil, the car was completely new. The car has been repainted, the engine has been addressed and new parts have been received. In short, this car is like new!



Maintenance is at the moment of arrival in the Netherlands, maintenance abroad is not present. Mister didn’t think this was such a problem himself because he knew he was going to build it up all over again, spray it and do everything he could. But the maintenance and service that has been done here in the Netherlands is complete. The car has also just received 4 new summer tires.


Chassis number : WAUZZZ8E04A141231


About seller

The current owner mister Blankwaard is a real car enthusiast. Mister has therefore searched for this car for a long time and found it in France. The moment he decided to buy the car, he knew one thing for sure. I am going to make it completely as new and I am going to do everything to it. He certainly did the latter. The car has been completely repainted. The entire block has also been overhauled and all invoices for maintenance and service performed are present. This car is very special, this is the only time that Audi has not built an RS model. There is no RS4 B6 this was done because this car already had the block 4.2 liter V8. More crazy than this could not be more!

The car has always been maintained with a lot of love and care, the car is really like new.

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