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Bentley Continental GT 6.0 W12

This Bentley Continental GT is luxury at its best, the wonderful comfort that this car brings, combined with the intense rust of this car, makes it extremely suitable for long distances but is also very fast. We can sell this car because he would like a slightly newer model, the current owner is very pleased with the Bentley brand, because the comfort and speed together make it such a great car.

This Bentley Continental is the third in the continental series. The Belgian designer Dirk van Braeckel designed this continental coupé. It is a beautiful and elegant coupé, yet modest. Four headlights protrude from the gently curved fenders that flank a fairly traditional grille made of artfully woven metal. A Bentley tradition from the first life of the brand, in the 1920s here you will immediately recognize a Bentley.



This Bentley is therefore a full dealer with all booklets with stamps present. The maintenance took place at Hessing in de Bilt, of which the full documentation is also available. Lately, the car has been serviced by a specialized VAG mechanic who also had the correct diagnostic equipment in house with which he could carry out the correct maintenance, and this was done with original Bentley parts. The current owner of the Bentley chose this car because he fell in love with the car the first moment he saw it in the books, this was the dream car of mister. Now that he owns the Bentley he would like want a somewhat younger vehicle, sir drove with a lot of love and found this a pleasure to drive.


We at Marshals find a luxury case with the soft thick carpet and the soft leather where you immediately imagine yourself in luxury the moment you open the door. The full leather steering wheel and the leather dashboard with hand stitching make this Bentley a wonderful car. The silence in this car at the time of quiet driving is also very pleasant. But if you ask for power? then it is plentiful. Should you have the opportunity to make this Bentley your daily driver? or just for the weekends? then take your chance!


Chassis number : SCBCE63W94C020191


Service History : 

  • 12-01-2004   Km 5  Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • 23-04-2004  Km   11.730 Inspection
  • 08-06-2004  Km   18.181 Inspection
  • 15-02-2005   Km    37.921 Inspection
  • 23-09-2005  Km    50.198 Inspection
  • 30-03-2009  Km    107.995 Inspection
  • 1-12-2009     Km     113.740  Inspection
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