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BMW 325i “track ready”

This 325i was already a great car on the Dutch roads in 1987, but nowadays the car travels over the road like an almost completely racing car. Through the Dutch roads to circuit Zandvoort or Assen, to make a nice round there, that is the idea behind this car and version. Equipped with a roll cage, stripped interior and a number of other adjustments. The details do it with this car, the doors are made of carbon, the golden roll cage matches the golden sticker on the outside. All this against a black exterior, makes the car a very cool appearance on the road. The stickers are taken directly from Australian racing team John Player.



The car was bought by the current owner himself, with the aim of turning it into a track car. It has only become a project that got out of hand, what was supposed to be a basic track car, has now become a very cool and unique racing car. “This got out of hand and the result has become what it says now and it would be a shame to send this onto the track”. After the restoration, the car has driven 5000 km and maintenance has always been carefully maintained by the current owner.


A BMW with rear wheel drive, the ingredients for a fun car to drive or to take on the track. Now this car is also in very clean restored condition, with very nice options and composition. Yes, and we too, would almost think it would be a shame to send this beautiful copy onto the track. Of course the car comes into its own here, but touring through nice roads is of course also fantastic with this car. The owner was an enthusiast and professional, which was immediately evident in the car and the way of talking about the car, the technology and the entire restoration process. In our opinion, this is a copy that we secretly want to have ourselves, but are still looking for a new owner.

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