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BMW E60 M5 V10


The E60-generation M5 may be the most talked-about hot 5 there has ever been, but not quite like the E39 in that it frantically conquers the hearts of almost every car. No, there are a lot of things different about this M5. It was the first time with this car that it could only be supplied with a seven-speed SMG automatic transmission. For the first time in years, the E61, the Touring model, also came with an M5: also the latter by the way. It is also the first time that BMW decided to put an insane engine in the M5: the well-known and infamous S85B50: a five-liter V10. This 10 cylinder is actually an ode to the Formula 1 V10 that was still used at the time, BMW decided to hang a V10 in a sedan and thus the E60 M5 was born. This car is an original Dutch car with the full history and demonstrably this car is one that you as an enthusiast will immediately fall in love with. A real drivers car that makes your heart beat faster and the adrenaline rushes through your body when you step on the gas.





The car is in good condition but has some stone chips on the front bumper and some small scratches. The car has only been driven in good weather and has been used as a hobby car, the current owner has always kept it neatly in the garage in winter. Where the car is on the drop charger so that the battery remains neatly tensioned. The car is also regularly cleaned, even in winter when it is stationary. The tires, brakes and engine are in very good condition. The car has been maintained with a lot of love and you can see that in everything, no savings have been made.


Service History :


05/08/2005 – Delivery car


19/08/2005 – 4,476 KM

Engine oil


09/11/2005 – 28,807 KM

Engine oil


16/03/2006 – 51,701 KM

Engine oil
Front brakes
Rear brakes


16/05/2006 – 64,936 KM

Spark plugs
Rear Tires


09/02/2007 – 77,467 KM

Front brakes
Rear brakes
Brake fluid


05/06/2007 – 90,982 KM

Engine oil


08/12/2008 – 125,851 KM

Engine oil
Spark plugs
Brake fluid


17/02/2014 – 169,570 KM

Engine oil


07/04/2016 – 179,863 KM

Engine oil


03/04/2017 – 184,015 KM

Engine oil
Differential oil


09/05/2017 – 187 063 KM

engine oil
connecting rod bearings
VANOS internal HD line


12/06/2018 – 192 753 KM

engine oil


17/01/2019 – 193 383 KM

Rear Brakes
used differential + special diff oil


19/02/2019 – 194 498 KM New owner RM de Vries

4x new tires
Brake fluid
New battery


10/03/2019 – 195,160 KM

Spark plugs
Fuel filter
1x Ignition coil
Air filters


01/08/2019 – 198,800 KM

4x new lambda sensor



02/09/2019 – 199,000 KM

Throttle actuator bank 2 electrically + mechanically overhauled + lifetime warranty Throttle valve
actuator bank 1 improved gear set mounted
2x Pull rod for throttle actuator renewed + all pivot points lubricated


19/03/2020 – 200,350 KM

New oil cooler
Engine oil Castrol Edge Supercar 10W60
Gear oil MTF LT-2
10x new ignition coil


Chassis number: 



Seller Story:


The current owner of the car, Mr. de Vries, saw this car in his early years at the BMW dealer and immediately thought this is my dream car, a great V10 in a sedan that is just as fast as a Lamborghini, that’s what I’m going for save.

The years passed and Mr. de Vries owned many cars. Until the day dawned! he came across this BMW at BMW specialist Procar in Zwolle he went to have a look and was immediately sold. He thought it was important to buy a Dutch car where the full history and maintenance history was known, because despite the fact that these are great cars, they remain sensitive. So he wanted to have a map of everything, what had happened when, how and by whom, in order to exclude everything. At the time of purchase by mister de Vries, he wanted to take a close look at the car so he immediately carried out some small service things.

The car was only driven in good weather and is nice and warm in a garage box for the rest of the year. For Mr. de Vries, this car is a hobby car to drive every now and then. You can also see this in the kilometers driven in recent years.

In short, a wonderful driver’s car that is well maintained! and is looking for its next owner and we Marshals can help with this search.

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