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BMW M2 M-Performance




The TwinPower six-cylinder (with one twin-scroll turbo) pumps out 370 hp and 465 Nm, the overboost function gives you short-term, from 1,450 to 4,750 rpm, even 500 Nm. That enormous torque is a great asset of the M2 because no matter how low you are in the revs, there is always plenty of pulling power; from 1,400 rpm it goes in one go there to almost 6,000 rpm, the torque remains the same throughout this rev range. Impressive, there seems to be no end to the push in your back. In addition, dark hum of the six-in-line turns into brutal screams. The M2 only needs 4.3 seconds for the sprint to the 100, this is of course terribly fast and no shortage of power. The car will teach you the lesson if you are not there properly, with the 370 hp on the rear wheels, this car is really a fantastic driver’s car, and you just want it!




This BMW M2 M-Performance is really equipped with all conceivable options.

The car was purchased from BMW Dealer Ekris in February 2020. Wherever the car has been serviced. The car is fully dealer maintained and therefore the full documentation and proof of this is available. The car is equipped with a full M-Performance package including the fantastic M-performance exhaust system. This allows you to create the maximum experience with the car, this really brings the M2 to life!

The BMW M2 was brought to life in 2016 and has become the successor of the BMW 1M Coupé, when the BMW 2-Series coupé was introduced, an M2 could of course not be left behind. This is certainly not the case.The M2 is also called the pocket rocket, because the car is very manoeuvrable, has a short wheelbase and is actually a small super sedan, this is the ultimate combination to have a fantastic driver’s car. .

The great thing about this car is that the car has a premium selection warranty from BMW, which is valid until February 2022.

This car is also driven for business purposes and the VAT is therefore explorable.





12-02-2020 Service at BMW Ekris

02-02-2021 Service at BMW Ekris




Include the Sale :


Deze auto wordt geleverd met een volledige dealer historie van de auto.

The M-Performance wheels

The M-performance steering wheel

The M-Performance exhaust

The M-Performance spoiler package



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Licence plate number : SF-211-F


About seller :


The current owner bought the car from Ekris BMW in February 2020. After driving many different sporty cars, the owner fell in love with this beautiful BMW M2, buying this car gave me such a good feeling, the owner said. The car has always been hand washed weekly and has been driven with a lot of love and care. The reason for the sale is because the gentleman would like a little more space.

The aggression of the car is very cool and you should certainly treat it with good care. Should you have become interested now?


Do not hesitate any longer and place a bid!





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