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BMW M5 Competition F10

This BMW M5 Competition was bought in Germany in the middle of last year directly from the first owner.

This man has owned the car for a number of years but did not drive it much, only some on the weekends and smaller parts during the week. The man who owned it in Germany has always neatly put the car in the garage and here it is well looked after on the car. Even now that the car has arrived in the Netherlands, the car is being driven with care. Even now, it is not driven much because the current owner works a lot and often drives his company cars. Even now the car is covered a lot, and this can certainly be seen in the condition of the car and the paint. The car has always been neatly maintained and the complete history is therefore present. The car is in very good condition! Except for the performance lip at the front, all those thresholds in Rotterdam are not nice either. This is also the reason that a new one comes up when sold. Or to delete it is also possible. The M5 Competition has 575 HP, all of this entirely on the rear wheels, which makes this a fantastic car.



The car is very neat, is well maintained and has good summer tires and drives and shifts very well. The car was only driven on weekends and sometimes during the week to get some fresh air and get the car out of the stable. The paint of the car is therefore in beautiful condition. The only thing the car has is a damaged M-Performance front lip. The gentleman has a new one so it can be mounted immediately. Or you can choose to let it off. The choice is yours.



14-10-2020 KM 116,245 Spark plugs + Ignition coils + Oil castrol + oil filter + multi belt dynamo


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The current owner Mr. Koster has already owned several BMWs. The M5 Competition was certainly one more time on his list to have. Now that he has owned the car for a good time, but actually rarely drives the car, he also finds it probable to leave it like that. Now the car is driven in the weekend or in the evening for a detour, but the car is idle most of the week. After having had a number of 3-series, he was very curious about the 5 mister think it is a wonderful car, but would rather go for something more spartan and would like to buy the M3 back afterwards. This M5 has spent most of the time in its storage space and has been treated with the utmost care. You can see this in everything.

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