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BMW M5 E61 Touring

If you have to take a lot of stuff with you, you usually cannot avoid compromises. Yet there are exceptions: in the BMW M5 Touring you don’t have to give up anything, absolutely nothing of your barbaric primal lusts. Only your dog is screwed.

Have you ever seen a dog squashed against the rear window of a station wagon? In that case, you must have been behind a BMW M5 Touring. And the funny thing is that that car also looks quite modest at first glance. You don’t see that 507 horsepower right away and that’s what makes it so much fun. This car is the ultimate dream for many men, as is the current owner. With 2 small children wanting to have a lot of cargo space and yet also the ultimate driving pleasure of the V10, this car has it all, the gentleman has tested several Audi RS models and Mercedes AMGs, but is and remains a BMW man, this is the reason that he chose the E61 M5.



Obsessively maintained, maintenance history with dealer invoices is available mister is the third owner, the previous owners are therefore known to the current owner. Full major maintenance has been carried out: injectors, bearing shells, vanos lines, air conditioning, clutch, flywheel, dynamo, ABS Replaced, everything is demonstrable with invoices.

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Service History : 

15-05-2007 Delivery of the Car

16-7-2007       KM 2.563 Motor oil

12-7-2009      KM 25.256 Motor oil + Microfilter

06-08-2009  KM 28.637 Motor oil + Front brakes + Rear brakes + Microfilter + Spark plugs + Brake oil

16-06-2011    KM 37.806 Car Check

27-05-2014   KM 61.174   Motor oil + Micro filter

20-12-2017    KM 94.436 Motor oil + Micro filter + Brake oil


Other recent maintenance

01-2017 Battery
12-2017 Thermostat + Repair rear wheel drive + Throttle body
03-2019 Connecting rod bearings + Vanos Pressure lines

06-2019 Air conditioning condenser
08-2019 Flywheel + Clutch
09-2019 ABS Pump + Dynamo






About Seller : 


The current owner mr van Acht is completely BMW minded, after having owned several BMWs, mister came across this car abroad in Germany to be precise, this BMW was on his list to own again.
After looking at the car, mister was immediately sold and bought the car.
With 2 children and a dog, this is of course the ideal station to drive to the business and to tour, the car was therefore immediately thoroughly overhauled, with the bearing shells replaced immediately for care the link also immediately taken with you. We’ll say it on the safe side.

The E61 M5 is already a special car with only 803 units built. But with this mileage and this exceptional maintenance history you will find them very little. This makes everything a very good and exceptional car.

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