Honda S800 1968

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Honda S800 1968


Only 11,406 copies were made worldwide between 1966 and 1970. Many of these have unfortunately not survived over the years. The result, however, is that a good copy is rare. This unique and beautifully restored Honda S800 is painted in the insanely beautiful color “Pewter Gray”. The color combination of the inside and outside, the design and the performance, make this a where collectors item.




The car was originally delivered in the Netherlands in 1968. in 1973 the car got its first owner and registration. Since then a beautiful car on the Dutch roads and now looking for a new owner. The car has been recently restored. A collector, to bring the car back to its original perfect condition. Photos of this restoration are present, if the current photos were not yet indicative of the particularly good and neat condition of the car.



The owner of the car was very exited, of which We are also one of his other beautiful oldtimers May sell through Marshals. A car for enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. The owner is a real car enthusiast with a number of very beautiful and original cars. Similarly, this Honda. When we looked at the car, we fell in love immediately. It is a car that has a very nice design and a sports car worthy of driving characteristics. The car has a 791 cc 4-cylinder, which produces 70 hp at 8,000revs 70 hp and that at a weight of 740 kilograms. In this condition really a masterpiece that you can now own.

We love it!



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