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LandRover Defender 110


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The Land Rover Defender is a further development of the original Land Rover. This car was developed during the Second World War and is intended not only as a passenger and delivery vehicle, but also as an agricultural vehicle.
After Series I, II and III, the fourth series was only designated 90 or 110. In 1989, after the Land Rover Discovery was launched, the model was named Defender.
The Land Rover Defender has a ladder chassis and weighs about 1,800 kilos. The body is made of aluminum. The Land Rover Defender can be built in a modular way and therefore comes in many forms. The short transmissions of the gearbox, permanent four-wheel drive with limited slip differential and a fording depth of fifty centimeters make it extremely suitable for off-road use, but a lot less suitable for the motorway. So this is really a car that comes into its own in the outdoor and off-road terrain, of course it can be driven on the highway. But don’t assume that you will be the first to leave the traffic light or that you can sprint against fast cars. This car is not built for that.




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Delivery 10-07-2007    KM 43             Land Rover Espana Madrid

27-11-2008                    KM 25.764     Land Rover Espana Madrid

11-01-2021                      KM 141.310    Triple & Crown Uithoorn




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