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Mercedes Benz G500

A completely new Mercedes-Benz G-Class was presented in 2018. Not only the appearance is very similar to the old G-class, the type code also remained the same. The new Mercedes G-class is again called W463. Technically, the new model made a big leap forward. For example, there is an independently sprung front axle – the rigid axle disappeared. At the back, it was retained. There is also a weight saving of 170 kilos compared to the old G-class. The digital cockpit, known from the S-class, can be found in the interior. The Mercedes G-class is for sale as G500 with the 422 hp biturbo V8. The other petrol variant is the Mercedes-AMG G53 with 585 hp. This is the G500 with a 422 hp V8 engine. The G class is an iconic car with the beautiful new interior, it has the luxury of models such as the E and S, but under the skin it is also a real terrain monster. With which you can drive off the road perfectly and you do not have to worry about whether the car will be able to pull the trailer out of the loose sand or out of the meadow because this G can really do anything. And is therefore well suited for daily driving but also for the weekends if you want to have fun on the sandy paths or have to go on unpaved terrain, you do not have to worry about that.



This car is in very good condition, the only thing that has been worn out by turning on and off is the start button. This one is made of soft material and is currently worn out. The car has no further damage or deep scratches. The car is always neatly behind a fence at the driveway of the gentleman.



10-08-2018 Delivery Car

20-05-2019 km 23,385 small maintenance

12-5-2020 km 39,292 major maintenance


Included with sale

This car comes with the complete maintenance history.

There are also 2 keys available.

This is a margin car, so the car was driven privately by the current owner.


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About seller :

The current owner has owned the G500 from the beginning of 2019. The gentleman has been driving his car for a good year and a half now and would like to buy another model. The car was first driven for business purposes and was recently transferred to Privé. Mister is always crazy about SUVs, the nice high entry and feeling a bit like the king of the road is very nice. This is also very special because the G-Wagon is such a reliable and a real workhorse in combination with the luxury from the S-Class. Mister has also owned the previous G-class, but think this is a much nicer car. The new suspension system makes this the perfect car to go off the road every now and then if necessary. You do not have to worry at all about getting stuck here. This car is bears strong and works its way through basically any terrain. I like this about the G-class, sir. The G is the ultimate car for traffic and a true do-it-all.


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