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Porsche 911 964 Convertible,



Over the years, the car has always retained the lines of the first 356 from 1948. However, this conservative design has almost always been at odds with the progressive technology that was hidden under the sheet metal. New 911s were – and still are – ahead of their time. When the Type 964 was introduced in 1989, no one was surprised by its appearance. Ignorant skeptics even talked about a facelift, although about 90 percent of the car was completely new. But it is precisely the parts that are so characteristic of the 911 that remained unchanged: the roof, the front fenders and the long stern. Porsche thought it was so important to preserve the pure lines of the 911 that the spoiler, which was supposed to provide more downforce at high speeds, automatically buzzes out of the bonnet at 80 km / h.

Everything to maintain the magical 911 line and to keep this icon the icon.
The 964 Cabriolet is the first 911 to be fitted with electric hood control as standard. It takes a while to find the button to make the roof disappear – which we eventually find on the underside of the dashboard, under the steering wheel. The dashboard of the Porsche 964 is a different story. In 1989 the designers were not so concerned with ease of use, the design remained largely the same as that of the G-Modell. As many as thirteen individual warning lights, scattered across the dashboard, tell the driver about the status of the car. The buttons for the lighting, the windscreen wipers, the fog lamps, the heating and the audio also seem to have been placed haphazardly. In any case – unlike the button for the roof – they are somehow visible.



This car is in very good condition, the car has a full maintenance history.
The car still looks very neat both inside and out, has no rust and has a neat paintwork.
The seats of the car have of course started to wear slightly over the years, this is reflected in the photos, but this is certainly not so bad, the leather is regularly treated with leather grease, which makes the seats in good condition.




The most recent maintenance can be found below.





Included with sale.


The car comes complete with maintenance history.

The tires of the car have plenty of profile all around.

The windshield is also supplied.

Maintenance booklets are available


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The current owner has owned the car since 2019, this car comes from a private collection where a number of cars may be sold. Including this beautiful 964 convertible. This Porsche 964 has been in the Netherlands since 1998 and was previously driven in Germany. The service history is therefore fully known and the car is in very good condition. The paint of the car is still in superb condition, as is the fabric roof. In short, a beautiful car with which many beautiful adventures can be experienced.

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