Porsche 911 964 WTL 3.6 Convertible

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Porsche 911 964 WTL 3.6 Convertible New German Delivered




A classic that ‘typifies’ the 911 for many. The Porsche 964 model was produced from 1989 to 1995. According to Porsche, this model was 85% different from its predecessor. It is the first model in the 911 series to offer four-wheel drive in its range; the Carrera 4 (13,343 units produced in total). There was a lot of difference in appearance between the Turbo and ‘normal’ Carrera. The hips were a lot wider, which made the 964 stand out even better.

The price difference was such, however, and the Carrera’s power was already more than adequate to insert. The majority of 911 enthusiasts went home with a ‘slim’ 964.




This car comes with no fewer than 53 maintenance invoices. Unfortunately, the original maintenance booklet is no longer present with the car. This car was originally delivered in Germany, you can check this by means of the Chassis number. The previous owner moved to Italy and took the car there as well. This can also be seen in the condition of the paint and the roof. These are still in very good condition and contain little to no rust. The chassis is also still in very good condition and very tight and hard. The car is of course not the youngest anymore, so it does have some spots of rust formation here and there, but otherwise the car looks neat.

The car now has the license plate 74-HDN-4.



Included with sale

This car comes with 2 keys to the car.

The maintenance history with 53 maintenance invoices.

The original booklets are unfortunately not present.

The Porsche tool kit is unfortunately also not included.


Chassis number



About seller

The current owner is a big Porsche fanatic and was always crazy about the 964.
He was able to buy this car from the previous owner who also brought it from Italy.
The car has been driven little or not at all in recent years and actually belongs to a private collection, this is also the reason that the car is currently suspended and therefore not registered. The current owner would like to sell the car now because he would like to buy something else and he would then be allowed to leave the building. In recent years it has not been possible to drive it regularly so the car needs some attention.


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