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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S


We all know: without the Cayenne, the 911 probably wouldn’t have existed anymore. How much the Cayenne was abhorred by Porsche purists (and they are almost all 911 enthusiasts) – because ugly and not des Porsches – not one of them can deny that the Cayenne was sold so well that it was the salvation of the company . So Porsche happily continued to expand the range, which pushed the aforementioned purists even deeper into the toilet bowl with their heads: a diesel, a hybrid – they were blown away.

Fortunately there were also Porsche-worthy potent versions, the highlight being the Turbo S and we at Marshals have one. In the beautiful color combination Tiefschwarz metallic with an Espresso / cognac interior. You definitely need that Espresso in the morning because what a monster this is. On paper, it’s a gruesome beast of a monster, the Turbo S. Just think: a 4.8-liter turbocharged V8 that produces 550 hp and 750 Nm, taking the nearly 2,200 kilograms of Cayenne to the road in 4.5 seconds. 100 km / h roars and only at 283 km / h is enough. That must be an experience that you will not forget for a lifetime.




The car has always been properly maintained, up to and including 104,860 kilometers at the Porsche dealer Gelderland. In the Netherlands. Then at the garage where the car was sold at 130,795 kilometers. The car has some signs of wear here and there, there are some scratches on the front bumper, most of which can be cleaned off. But not everything can be brushed away. The car has not been driven much in the last year because the gentleman also has a smaller car with which he often goes out. This Cayenne Turbo S is complete with all gadgets and the full leather package. The car is currently on 4 season tires of which these are all around 6 millimeters. These have therefore recently been replaced. This Cayenne is fully equipped including seat heating, seat cooling, the full sports chrono package with the leather package. This car is very well equipped and almost fully equipped. The current owner loves gadgets and loves cars with many options. This car has been chosen for that, this car also has the ceramic brake discs. These provide optimal braking power when it is needed.




28-05-2013 Delivery Car

01-10-2014   KM 13.916

26-01-2016   KM 44.083

14-08-2017   KM 78.470

19-07-2018   KM 104.860

30-07-2019  KM  130.795



Included with sale


Parking heater
2x keys
Full maintenance history of the car.



Chassis number : WP1ZZZ92ZELA85862


About seller


The current owner Mr. Brom is crazy about Porsche Cayenne’s, this is his third Cayenne, the Cayenne is a wonderful car to drive and is the perfect car if you like comfort and speed. This is certainly not a lie, as this is a Cayenne Turbo S with an output of no less than 551 HP, this is the fastest in the Cayenne series.


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