It was a tight online race …

3 Mar - 2021

Thursday February 18th was a special day for Marshals Car Auctions. The auction of the Porsche 911 was ending that day and it was a tight race! Once again, an international car enthusiast let us know he was interested by placing a bid on the 911! This time our bidder came from the country known for the Eiffel Tower and l’amour toujours… Vive La France!

And then this happened…

The auction came to an end and the final bid was just below the minimum price the old owner had in mind, so the Marshals team had to take action to bring this race to a good end! One of our Marshals contacted both the owner and the potential buyer of the Porsche 911 and together we came to a solution. Result: signed, sealed, deliver(ed), this pretty baby is going to France after all!

At Marshals, we always had the ambition to go international within our first year of business. That it would happen this fast – only a few months after going live – is more than we ever dreamed off!

This time we also took care of the logistics and transportation to the new owner; we deliver the 911 where our French friend wants. We managed to not only be twice as fast with our transport from the Netherlands than the France alternative, but we also arranged the transport at a lower cost.

Unburdening from A to Z, that is what Marshals does! Marshals is not only about auctioning or selling your car. We go the extra mile! We always engage with our clients and look for a tailor made solution or advise!

Will you be next?


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